In our in-house laboratory, the two dental technicians produce the majority of your dental prosthesis. Whether a single partial crown, several full crowns, bridges or partial or full dentures - the choice of material, shape and color is made in direct consultation with the dentist and can be made without delay or loss of information. Before completion, we also take your opinion into consideration and can respond to any requests for adjustments to the details in the design. This way we ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new smile.

Only work that exceeds our internal capacity is transferred to a local technical laboratory. You can always be sure that your dental prosthesis from the local technical laboratory is of the highest quality, made by a technician that you know by name, and that you are directly contributing to the preservation of local jobs.


Things we can't see, but should know: From a single tooth image to a panoramic image to a complete 3D image of your entire jaw, we can produce all the angles required to support reliable diagnosis and therapy planning. With our modern X-ray machine, we not only produce high-quality and precise images, but also the so-called “low-dose” programs ensure the lowest possible radiation exposure.

Endo engine

For the long-term success of a root canal treatment it is essential to remove the inflamed or dead tissue residues from the entire root canal. For this purpose, the clinic has a device especially designed for this treatment with which both the electrical length determination of each individual root canal and the preparation with ideal torque can be controlled. This machine-supported method is superior to manual preparation and therefore enables more frequent tooth preservation even when curved root canals occur.

Laser for Photodynamic Therapy

A special laser can also help to reduce the bacterial load in hard-to-reach places where normal disinfection reaches its limits. The increased effectiveness of bacteria reduction improves long-term success, for example, in root canal treatment or periodontitis treatment.