Your dental practice in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The [fotzn'spanglerei] takes up the vernacular word "Fotznspangler", which describes a dentist in Bavarian. Petra Volz not only uses the word as an inspiration for the naming of her clinic - she also understands it as an objective for her dental work.

In the [fotzn'spanglerei] you can make yourself comfortable and almost feel like "dahoam" (Bavarian for “at home”). Since Petra Volz was born in Bad Tölz, the name [fotzn'spanglerei] expresses Petra Volz’ regional solidarity with the “Oberland” (this region of Upper Bavaria) and its people. A little harsh on the outside, but good-hearted inside. In the spirit of regional rooting, we try to buy all supplies and services that are needed in a modern dental practice as regionally as possible. From the clinic's own laboratory to the local craftsman to the supply of medical products: if it can be purchased regionally, we strengthen the local economy. Not all products and services in the dental sector are available in Upper Bavaria, which is why we of course also use supra-regional products.

The "Spanglerei" consciously focuses on the part of modern dentistry that is strongly influenced by craftsmanship. Today's dentistry is a highly precise and filigree craft in which proverbial masterful skills are in demand. For this reason, every employee is trained to the best of his or her ability. In the [fotzn'spanglerei], everyone is a professional in her field. We work with the most modern technology, which adds value to your treatment. At the same time, we rely on craftsmanship where it is superior to machine work in terms of quality.

The [fotzn'spanglerei] is our promise to you for a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and at the same time our commitment to masterly dentistry at the highest technical and technological level.

Explanation of terms

Dialects differ from the high-level language not only by the pronunciation or emphasis of the same words. Sometimes, completely different words are used for the same term. For the High German term “Zahnarzt” (“dentist”), there are different other words in the dialects. The term “Fotznspangler” describes a dentist or orthodontist in Bavarian. In the Berlin region one might hear the expression “Zahnklempner” (“tooth plumber”). The barely known term “Nepferizupfer” describes a dentist in a language called “Jenisch” which is still used in Schillingsfürst, a Franconian Town near Ansbach.

If you know another term for “dentist” from other dialects, just send it to us. We are happy to receive your input.