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Professional dental cleaning goes far beyond the mere removal of tartar. It includes the thorough cleaning of plaque, discolorations and deposits even in inaccessible areas as well as polishing and remineralization of the teeth. You will also receive valuable tips on sustainable dental care and useful aids. Prophylaxis thus makes a significant contribution to preventing periodontal disease and supports the maintenance of overall dental health.


Periodontitis is still a dangerously underestimated inflammatory disease of the periodontium. The long, painless course of the disease with few symptoms not only causes irreversible damage to the gums and jawbone, but also an unpleasant bad breath, which the affected persons usually cannot perceive themselves. Timely and consistent treatment can prevent tooth loss and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. We can advise you on your individual risk.


From the partial crown to the full denture. A missing tooth not only leaves a gap, but also causes a series of subsequent problems for the entire set of teeth. Wherever you need a denture in order to be able to chew correctly again, the highest degree of precision and craftsmanship is required. Together with our dental technicians, we ensure that your teeth function perfectly with our dental prostheses.


Tooth preservation has priority. All too often, root canals do not adhere to the ideal guidelines of dental insurance companies. They are bent, wound, narrowed and sometimes divided. But with a little more effort and the right instruments, even a tooth with an inflamed nerve can be preserved for the long term, while dental insurance would only pay for the extraction. As a certified member of the DGET, Petra Volz is an expert in endodontics.


Implants can be a sensible alternative to removable prostheses or fixed bridges. In both cases, anchoring to the adjacent teeth is necessary, which may require the removal of healthy tooth substance. By anchoring a titanium screw in the jawbone, an artificial tooth root is created on which an independent dental prosthesis is possible without affecting the adjacent teeth. We will be happy to advise you concerning your individual situation.


We carry out any unavoidable tooth removal as gently as possible. Regardless of whether baby teeth, irreversibly damaged teeth or individual root remains have to be removed - we accompany you competently and empathetically through this unpleasant part of the treatment.


The avoidance of fear of the dentist in children is our top priority. We not only offer the usual range of treatments for children but you are also welcome to bring your small children with you for your own preventive check-up, in order to show that a visit to the dentist is a normal activity. There is an elevator and space for strollers.


You can be proud of yourself. When you laugh, nobody but the dentist should be able to easily recognize a filling or dental prosthesis. We restore your natural appearance with high-quality fillings or individually adapted dental prostheses. Together with our on-site dental technicians, we collaborate with you to achieve the desired results and include your wishes in the planning. Allow us to advise you about the possibilities.